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Re: jigdo problems

From: "Richard Atterer" <richard@list03.atterer.net>

>   Jigdo works just fine - the .iso.tmp file is created at the beginning
>   with its final size, but filled with zero bytes. Later, parts of it are
>   overwritten with the downloaded data.
>   You can tell that jigdo is making progress by looking at the messages
>   "Found X of the Y files required by the template" that are printed from
>   time to time. The second value "Y" should decrease. When it reaches
>   the download is finished.
> [FWIW, so many people have reported this "bug" that I'm going to change
> the behaviour of the jigdo GUI app not to fill the image with zero bytes
> first.]

Ummm, I like the current behaviour (I am using the CLI).  Maybe adding a
popup informing users will be better?


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