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Re: jigdo problems

Hi Jon,

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 11:21:00PM +0100, Jon Tibbit wrote:
> I've tried to download the CD iso with jigdo in Win2k but I get the following error: 
> BUG: unknown command 'timeout', value '30'.

That's OK - for some odd reason wget for Windows prints this warning, but 
it can safely be ignored.

> The program then seems to continue running, but the overall size of the
> directory its downloading into doesn't seem to get any larger.  The
> directory floated around 598Mb, varying plus and minus 5Mb for about 2
> hours.  I'm going to download the whole CD image instead but I thought
> you should know about this bug.

jigdo works as expected - see 

  Why doesn't jigdo work? It downloads some packages and deletes them. I 
  know it doesn't write them to the iso.tmp file because the file size 
  doesn't change!
  Jigdo works just fine - the .iso.tmp file is created at the beginning 
  with its final size, but filled with zero bytes. Later, parts of it are 
  overwritten with the downloaded data.
  You can tell that jigdo is making progress by looking at the messages 
  "Found X of the Y files required by the template" that are printed from 
  time to time. The second value "Y" should decrease. When it reaches zero, 
  the download is finished.
[FWIW, so many people have reported this "bug" that I'm going to change 
the behaviour of the jigdo GUI app not to fill the image with zero bytes 



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