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Re: Accessibility of official jigdo files for Sarge

Richard Atterer wrote:
The changes from week to week can only be small and it would make sense
to rsync the differences and re-build the files rather than re-download
what can be a very big file.  (Some of the later ones from fsn.hu have
been 90M for just one (gzipped) .template file.)
I wonder why they're getting so big - if all files inside an .iso are found by jigdo-file, the resulting .template file should be <5MB. :-/
The largest ones at ftp.fsn.hu are:
 35M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-ia64-1.template
 35M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-mips-1.template
 35M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-mipsel-1.template
 35M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-s390-1.template
 35M    ./sid-dvd/jigdo/sid-i386-1.template
 38M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-arm-1.template
 38M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-m68k-1.template
 38M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-powerpc-1.template
 38M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-sparc-1.template
 39M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-alpha-1.template
 47M    ./sarge-dvd/jigdo/sarge-i386-1.template

Which I guess makes sense, because the following files are left out from the .jigdos: egrep -v '/Contents|/Packages|/README|INDEX$|/Maintainers|/Release$|/debian-ke
yring\.tar\.gz$|/ls-lR|//doc/[^/]+/?[^/]*\.(txt|html)$' \

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