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Re: Accessibility of official jigdo files for Sarge

On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 07:49:48AM +0100, John Winters wrote:
> Further suggestion then - could an un-gzipped version be made available
> by rsync *only*.

It should be possible to use jigdo-file's "-0" switch to switch off 
compression. I /guess/ that would make the files rsyncable.

> The changes from week to week can only be small and it would make sense
> to rsync the differences and re-build the files rather than re-download
> what can be a very big file.  (Some of the later ones from fsn.hu have
> been 90M for just one (gzipped) .template file.)

I wonder why they're getting so big - if all files inside an .iso are found 
by jigdo-file, the resulting .template file should be <5MB. :-/ 


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