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problems CD iso

Dear friends,

after 3 weeks trying, I didn't manage to download the iso of the first CD, nonus. I have a 256 Kbps ADSL conn, and the 2nd and 3rd isos had no problem, but this one... First I tried with jigdo, a lot of times, a lot of different servers: it always hangs on the file 'lat5u-16.psf'. Then I tried downloading the image, with D/L accelerator, and it stopped at 78%, with no way to resume.
I tried with filezilla: no way...
One last try with D/L accelerator: it finished! ...but the iso file is corrupted :-(

How can I do to download the first CD iso?

please, help!

Best regards,

Enrico Bianchi   -   ITALY

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