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Failing to resume with jigdo-easy


I'm trying to use jigdo-easy to download the woody distr.
It works, but I don't know how to make it correctly resume the download :
after a Ctrl-C or a more aggressive killing, re-running the program 
restarts the download
at the beginning

I work on WinME; I put jigdo-easy in c:\utils\jigdo\jigdo-easy; it 
correctly creates the
jigdo-easy-tmp directory, and starts downloading some files, but (yep, 
quite amazing how unstable WinME is...) I must kill it.
As sayed in the readme, I re-run the runme batch, and select the same image 
as previously (
Debian Woody rev1, for i386, 1st CD).
At the "local files" question, I tried different ways :
- pressing Enter
- the path of jigdo-easy (c:\utils\jigdo\jigdo-easy)
- the path of the tmp directory (c:\utils\jigdo\jigdo-easy\jigdo-easy-tmp)
in the two last cases, it searches through the files present in the 
specified directory, then
re-ask the "Local Files" question (I assume it means it didn't found 
anything interesting)
... so I finally simply pressed Enter

Then, for Debian Mirror and Non-US mirror, I accept the default choice (the 
one I selected at the first download)

And then, it writes "Found 0 of the 1473 files..." and start re-downloading 
the first file (writing it in in a '.1' file, then in a '.2', etc. file)

Could you explain me what I forgot to do (or what I did wrong) ?

(Concerning the choice of the image, I would have choosen directly the 
previously downloaded .jigdo file, but jigdo-easy has decompressed it 
directly in woody-i386-1_NONUS.jigdo.unpacked)

Pierre-Olivier Vares

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