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Bugs in the Sarge's Internet installation CD

Dear friends of Debian:

First, I'm not sure if this is the e-mail address where I have to send
theses bugs. It's the one I found in the CD page.

There are three bugs I found:

-Lack of a lot of ethernet card drivers: I have an RTL8139, an ethernet
card supported from the earlier 2.2.x kernels. But it's not supported
(or it seems, at least) in your CD. I think is better to compile all the
ethernet cards as modules and add them in the CD.

-There is no /mnt directory: in order to add new modules, you must to
create an EXT2/EXT3 floppy with a modules.tgz file in it. That works
fine, but only after manually creating that directory from the shell in
console 2. If not, the installer can't mount the floppy.

-It seems that it can't format partitions. I told the installer to
format my / partition before start the installation, and it returned an
error :?

That's all what I tested.

Thanks in advance.

Sergio Costas Rodríguez


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