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request for student development kit

                                                Dear sir,
                                            we  are first linux based company in Rajasthan. Being RedHat channel
                                partner we are marketing RedHat products. Further providing  networking
                                solution  and training to mainly govt sector.
                                                  This summer we have received 90 students request for summer
                                   trainning on linux  through placement officer from engg colleges all over
                                   Rajasthan. Trainning may commence from 16th june.
                                                 we are not charging any fees form student but only lab charges.
                                  The  idea is  to expose the students  to linux enviornment and industrial
                                application of the same.
                              if you think it is proper to participate in the said summer training then kindly:
                                 1) sent free development kit of your flavour,
                                 2)any sponosred project topic with detail,
                                 3)any other thing which you think is appropriate;
                  with regards
                  rajeev kumar
                  business head
                  kava linux
                  R-22B,  wing A ,2nd floor
                  Yudister marg, c-scheme
                  Jaipur (Rajasthan)

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