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Re: Donating Debian CDs to libraries

Matthew Briggs wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking of donating a copy of my Debian CD
> collection to a university library. However I'm aware
> that libraries usually using cataloguing data to keep
> track of their materials.

Personally I believe this is a good idea.  However, I once heard that
a library turned down such a donation.  They did fear that they have
to support the CDs/system which they cannot since they are a library
and not a computer store.  They also feared that customers will
request updates which they cannot provide since they don't have any
spare money to purchase them.

It may be helpful if some non-profit association (maybe SPI, maybe the
FSF, maybe another one) creates a contract with such a library to
assure them that they will receive updates in a timely fashion
whenever Debian releases a new distribution.

> Is there any cataloguing information for the Debian CD
> collections (past or present) available?

I don't think so.

> How does one go about generating that sort of
> information, or do libraries do the job themselves?

*shrug*    I'm not a librarian.  You should probably get in touch with
your library and ask them.



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