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Serious BUG in "Stable" Woody Install CD-ROM's dhclient-2.2.x Binary

Dear Sir/Ms,

As you are hopefully aware, the dhclient-2.2.x program used by
the stable Woody installer is badly broken in that it not
properly respond (invalid DHCPREQUEST packet[?] receives
DHCPNAK) to the DHCP address offered (DHCPOFFER response to
DHCPDISCOVER) if the address has not been previously released --
which is likely to happen when adding new machines to an
existing network (i.e. virgin addresses being offered).  This is
documented at
http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=73369 and is
a real PITA.  I'm fairly disappointed this issue hasn't be
corrected since it is exactly the wrong kind of bug to have in
an installer, is a bug fix and hence appropriate to a stable
release branch, and makes Debian look bad.   Replacing dhclient
with dhcpcd is reportedly the easy fix, assuming the bug in
dhclient hasn't been fixed in a later version.  Recompiling
/sbin/dbootstrap could be avoided by making /sbin/dhclient-2.2.x
a script wrapper around the dhcpcd call and needed argument
conversion and logic changes.  I am willing to try to hack up a
fix to this problem in my copious (ha ha) spare time, if lack of
interested coders is the problem.  Thank you.


Max Bell

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