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Re[2]: Up-to-date images of Sarge and Sid are where?

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Hallo Attila,

Tuesday, May 13, 2003, 11:11:54 AM, hast Du geschrieben:

AN> Last week I could finally get a new machine online, but new
AN> problems arose, it seems that the Linux kernel has some problems
AN> with my Intel PRO/100 card, because it corrupts data during
AN> transfer over the wire when used with NFS.

AN> Currently, I am at that point where I can generate the images
AN> again, so the machine is working on them right now.

Sorry to hear that! And I hope you will have the next crash not to
soon, if possible never. I know how annoying this must be, I had a
crash of my server a few months ago and it is a long time to get
everything worklig again.

Can you tell me, how you are creating the images? Is there a script or
something like that? I'm asking because, I was wondering how these
images are build to be able to create my own - I have a full
debian-mirror here, so why not? But I didn't find an explanation how
to build images that are "compatible" with Debian.

AN> Expect normal operation for this weekend.

Thank you for your work! And if you need help at a time, please ask -
perhaps I can do something too.

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