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Re: Up-to-date images of Sarge and Sid are where?

David S. Roberts wrote:
Just wondering, since up-to-date images of Sarge and Sid are no longer
available at ftp.fsn.hu, where are they available? What is the story
with fsn.hu? Are they not making them any more? Any way I can help?
The problem here is that my machine, on which the CDs were made crashed, then after I repaired it, I had to swap that with a notebook, on which I can't make the CD images regurarly.

Last week I could finally get a new machine online, but new problems arose, it seems that the Linux kernel has some problems with my Intel PRO/100 card, because it corrupts data during transfer over the wire when used with NFS.

Currently, I am at that point where I can generate the images again, so the machine is working on them right now.

Expect normal operation for this weekend.

BTW, AFAIK, there are sarge jigdos on gluck.debian.org.

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