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Re: www.debian.org/CD/netinst/

>On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 09:21:03AM +0100, Martin Sjögren wrote:
>> The www.d.o/CD/netinst page does not make clear that the testing netinst
>> CDs are meant for testing debian-installer. There have been numerous
>> people mailing d-boot about not being able to use it to install sarge.
>> This *must* be made clear!
>Of course the real fix is for you to finish the installer ;-), but I take 
>your point. I've just added the following to the page, hope that's OK:
>    The images are only intended for testing the new installer for
>    sarge. The installer is still under development, so the installation
>    may fail.

I was browsing the list, looking for an explanation: reading your short lines 
on the web page I was not sure if I could use the images to install or not . 
I suggest you add a date ("on april 20th the installer can't be used to install 
testing...") and something like: "_don't_ download these images to install 
testing, use the floppyinst instead."

Regards  Xavier

Xavier Brochard

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