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3.0_r1 jigdos available for comment

Hi Folks,

open is slowly trundling through the architectures (so far we have
alpha arm hppa i386 & source published, and copied to raff) so get
them while they're hot:


[note, the NONUS jigdos are actually available at both of the above;
it's just the snapshots that differ, and jigdo deals with that for
you anyway]

I've not signed these off yet, and won't be able to until tomorrow,
but I'm pretty confident that they're OK, so unless someone points out
a flaw in the next 24 hours, these are going to be the released

Note: i386 & source have been regenerated, and overwritten (without a
version number change) because the first attempt had the old, wrong,
README.  Jigdos dated before the 19th Dec are the old ones, please
update if you have these.

Cheers, Phil.

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