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Re: win 98 success but checksum error !!!

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 12:00:23PM -0800, Linux Geek wrote:
> i loaded the image using some virtual drive software.

Oh sorry, I forgot you were on Win98, so my advice "loop-mount the
.iso" didn't make a lot of sense. What "virtual drive" software did
you use? - maybe we should put a hint about it into the jigdo HOWTO.

> no i can update the files - but i am getting some checksum errors
> !!!
> error for 1st cd :
> g:\..blah...blah...rescue.bin Does not match checksum
> in template data.
> and i am getting similar errors for other cds also !!!

It would be *extremely* helpful if you could always include in your
mails exactly what input you gave to jigdo-lite.

I suspect that you entered "g:\" at the "Debian mirror" prompt, when
instead you should be entering "g:\" at the "Files to scan" prompt,
and the http or ftp URL of a Debian mirror server at the "Debian
mirror" prompt.

Have another look at the HOWTO, *please* - the info is all there! I
gather the link I gave you is a bit flaky ATM (though the site works
fine for me) - there's a copy at



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