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Re: 3.0r1: where are the jigdos?


"Steve McIntyre" <steve@einval.com> írta 2002-12-19 02:37-kor:
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 10:03:05AM +1000, jason andrade wrote:
> >Also, are there any plans to produce a "3.0 -> 3.0r1" update iso officially
> >with this release as well as an official "NetInst" release to go with it ?
> I've started work on the update isos; expect them tomorrow.
Ehm... I did better yesterday :-)

Have you seen my dc2? It can do the update iso-s, and lot more.
I just ask that: You want to create N CDs, where N means number of supported
archs by woody, or want just one CDset, where it may contain more CDs, but
the whole set contain all update, for all arch's?
If you decided that, I can wrote a new module to dc2, and you can generate
the update set with that. And the set may contain the security updates, wich
was released since the release of 3.0r1, and may contain the proposed
updates, etc. which joey didn't want. (And of course, It would contain these
stuff for all archs) But I think that, if I create a CD, which contain the
updates from r0 to r1, the security updates, and the proposed updates, and
after apt-cdrom add makes a line like this:
deb cdrom[Obfuscated Debian Update CDROM]/ woody r0ton/main r0ton/contrib secup/main secup/contrib propud/main propud/contrib
then the user can remove those propud sections, but if the CD doesn't
contain the proposed updates at all, then the user haven't chance to use

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