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Re: 3.0r1: where are the jigdos?

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Philip Hands wrote:

> (3.0r1a perhaps, which seems to be what is in the Release file anyway)
> or simply overwrite them?  Given that they were publicly visible for a
> few hours before I realised that they needed to be regenerated, there
> might be copies of them out there already, so perhaps it's best to
> rename them.

please overwrite them.  there would be extra (unneeded) confusion at
this point with 3.0r1a.

> Admittedly, I've not signed the MD5SUMS yet, so they don't count as
> official anyway, and I doubt it will injure anyone seriously to have a
> slightly outdated README, so perhaps I should just overwrite them when
> the new images turn up in a few hours.

got my vote.

Do you have an ETA on when "Official" 3.0R1 isos will be produced (e.g
a few more days? a week?).  Can we _not_ release the existing iso images
(outside of image/developer/mirror testing) because i can already sense
that people will release them into the wild and i will get complaints from
users about why we are not making 3.0r1 images available when they have
already been released..

Also, are there any plans to produce a "3.0 -> 3.0r1" update iso officially
with this release as well as an official "NetInst" release to go with it ?



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