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Re: creating Debian CD images after jigdo download

Geert & Fatima, Didden - Hassouni <geert.didden@skynet.be> [2002-12-12 14:57:45 +0100]:

> However it then says that you can create the CD's using your favorite tool,
> still being a M$ user for the time being we used ROXIO Easy CD creator and
> selected to create 'bootable' CD's......

By selecting 'bootable' before you were actually telling Roxio to
change the bits, which corrupted them.  Don't do that and you should
be okay.

In Roxio go to file, then the pull down menu to "write from image" or
some such.  I can't remember the exact wording and don't have a
working MS machine to check.  But you just want to burn an ISO image
to CD.

The default file type in Roxio will be some format that Roxio likes
but no one uses.  Change the file type to '*.iso' and then select it
to use the iso image you just downloaded.  Tell it to start writing.

My frail memory recalls these steps as the correct proceedure.


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