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Re: creating Debian CD images after jigdo download

* Geert & Fatima, Didden - Hassouni (geert.didden@skynet.be) wrote:
> Hi,
> We succesfully downloaded the woody distribution using kigdo......real 
> However it then says that you can create the CD's using your favorite tool,
> still being a M$ user for the time being we used ROXIO Easy CD creator and
> selected to create 'bootable' CD's......
> Too bad that this doesn't seem to do the trick for me... after power-up the
> system does some CD access and then dies silently (we now call it the 
> famous
> black screen...).
> Any advise/recommendations you can give me?
> Geert Didden

just burn the image, it's already bootable.


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