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Re: Too few up-to-date CD image mirrors

Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> Yes, this would be very good. I have been thinking of writing such a
> script myself, but never found the time for it. I would be very grateful
> if you could write such a script.

I have one sorta kinda working. I'll pound on it a bit more before
releasing it. The overall inconsistency makes it hard, since right now
mirrors use a variety of directory structures and names of files (and
even do things like symlink the non-us cd image #1 to image #1). So my
script will not find every mirror that has isos, but only those that
have them in the semi-standard structure of:


Just to give an idea (jigdo checking is probably still not working):

login ok  dir exists  found iso  found jigdo   site
1         1           0          0             ftp.au.debian.org
0                                              mirror.aarnet.edu.au
1         1           0          0             ftp.tiscali.be
1         0                                    mirrors.sunsite.dk
0                                              debian.efis.ucr.ac.cr
0                                              ftp3.linux.it
1         0                                    ftp.egr.msu.edu
1         1           0          0             ftp.tu-clausthal.de
1         1           1          0             toxo.com.uvigo.es
1         1           1          0             ftp.de.debian.org
1         1           0          0             ftp-mirror.internap.com
0                                              ftp2.it.debian.org
1         1           0          0             ftp.sunet.se
1         1           0          0             ftp2.de.debian.org
1         0                                    ftp.fr.debian.org
1         1           1          0             debian.uni-essen.de
1         1           0          0             www.mirror.ac.uk
0                                              gajah.vlsm.org
1         1           1          0             ftp.esat.net
1         1           1          0             ftp.du.se
1         1           0          0             ftp.si.debian.org
1         1           0          0             mirror.cs.wisc.edu
1         1           1          0             ftp.hk.debian.org
1         0                                    ftp.eu.uu.net
1         1           1          0             gd.tuwien.ac.at

> > I will not try to check the http mirrors though. Indeed, I think the
> > http mirrors are a bad idea, since (as is seen in my mistake reading one
> > of them in the gentoo thread), they introduce a bunch of third party web
> > sites of varying quality that users must navigate to find isos. I hope
> > the http stuff is not a necessary evil.
> For us http is just a better ftp, without the "logging in as anonymous"
> part. The standard apache file listing is good enough.

I've never seen a web browser that couldn't do an anonymous ftp login without
the user even noticing it went on. And not all of the http mirrors use standard
apache dir listing; some use crazy and broken dir listing that ends up looking
like this in a web browser:

   i386 -> jigdo

And that confused me, anyway, to no end (isos are actually hidden under 
the i386 link; jigdo is not a subdirectory of it).

Anyway, parsing http directory listings is too hard, so my script will 
only do ftp.

> > Or course it would be best if I had a canoical site to run the checking
> > program against, then it could just do a straightforward comparison.
> > Unfortunatly, it seems that cdimage.debian.org no longer carries isos,
> > and so there is no canoical site  Is that right 
> That has been a main issue for getting other mirrors to mirror the images
> too. "They aren't on cdimage.debian.org, so why should we bother with
> some kind of not as official ones." The fact that we carry isos with
> released md5sums seems not as important. Or just a convenient excuse to be
> a bit more lazy.

Yes, the current situation is crazy, and I just cannot understand why
cdimage.d.o has not been redirected to one of the mirrors that already has
everything, long since.

see shy jo

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