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Re: Too few up-to-date CD image mirrors

Richard Atterer wrote:
> Basically, the current situation WRT CD image mirrors is getting, er,
> "irritating": Far too few of them carry the 3.0r0 images, many only
> have the jigdo files or 2.2r6.

BTW the situation seems to be most pathetic for the US mirrors for some
reason, I have much better luck finding isos on the other mirrors.
Cannot find any debian iso's of 3.0 in the US at all.

> Originally, the plan for 3.0r0 was that ISOs would be made available
> via jigdo and that mirrors would update using the "jigdo-mirror"
> script which I wrote especially for that purpose. (And I mailed all
> mirror admins with the details.) Later, the images would also become
> available "normally" via rsync (AFAIR), but somehow that never
> happened.
> But few admins seem to have set up jigdo-mirror... I think for most of
> them, mirroring something is not an option if it can't be fetched with
> http, ftp or rsync. <shrug>
> So let's do it their way: I propose that we offer rsync (and maybe
> HTTP?) access to the images again starting with 3.0r1. raff has enough
> disc space, so the size should not be a problem.

I offered the web team to write a program to check the cd image mirror
list, and output some kind of table of what ftp mirrors:

- are down or broken
- have jigdo
- have current isos

With the idea being this would be used to prune the list shown to users
on the web site or perhaps generate a seperate list for people who get
to the mirror list wanting jugdo files, vs. those who get to the list
looking for an iso mirror. I think it's important to automate this.

I will not try to check the http mirrors though. Indeed, I think the
http mirrors are a bad idea, since (as is seen in my mistake reading one
of them in the gentoo thread), they introduce a bunch of third party web
sites of varying quality that users must navigate to find isos. I hope
the http stuff is not a necessary evil.

Once the mirror list is whipped into shape, it'll also be possible to do
things like a cgi that uses it to pick a mirror based on a user's
address, for one-click iso downloading.

Or course it would be best if I had a canoical site to run the checking
program against, then it could just do a straightforward comparison.
Unfortunatly, it seems that cdimage.debian.org no longer carries isos,
and so there is no canoical site? Is that right?

see shy jo

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