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Too few up-to-date CD image mirrors

[NB followups set to debian-cd only]

I guess many will have skipped the sub-thread of "Are we losing users
to Gentoo?" about CD images, over on -devel and -www.

Basically, the current situation WRT CD image mirrors is getting, er,
"irritating": Far too few of them carry the 3.0r0 images, many only
have the jigdo files or 2.2r6.

Originally, the plan for 3.0r0 was that ISOs would be made available
via jigdo and that mirrors would update using the "jigdo-mirror"
script which I wrote especially for that purpose. (And I mailed all
mirror admins with the details.) Later, the images would also become
available "normally" via rsync (AFAIR), but somehow that never

But few admins seem to have set up jigdo-mirror... I think for most of
them, mirroring something is not an option if it can't be fetched with
http, ftp or rsync. <shrug>

So let's do it their way: I propose that we offer rsync (and maybe
HTTP?) access to the images again starting with 3.0r1. raff has enough
disc space, so the size should not be a problem. Of course, we'd
better implement some kind of access control. And what about
cdimage.d.o? - it would be nice to have another "primary" mirror in
Europe to distribute the load.




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