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Re: Joliet support for s390 CDs

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 12:43:42PM +0000, Wookey wrote:
>On Sun 10 Nov, Gerhard Tonn wrote:
>> Hi,
>> a customer of Debian for S/390 would like to browse through the s390 docu on
>> Windows. Does anybody know how to add Joliet support?
>Joliet support is something that is done at the time of creation of the CD
>image. If you already have some CDs and they were not made including joliet
>support then this cannot be retrofitted. You probably can make Windows read
>'rockridge' CDs which is what the CDs will use to support long filenames,
>lower case and permissions.
>If you want to make some new s390 CDs with Joliet support then you need to
>add the -J option to mkisofs when the CD is made. This means setting the
>MSISOFS variable in /etc/CONF.sh from the debian-cd package.
>To the CD-team more generally: Looking at the scripts I see that i386 and
>alpha CDs add -J automatically, but not the other arches. Is there a good
>reason why we don't make them with -J anyway for exactly this reason (easy
>to browse on a handy windows box before the install?). I suppose it uses up
>some space on the CD, but presumably not actually very much? I make my ARM
>CDs with -J and no-one has complained...

There was a hint of problems for m68k a long time ago, ISTR. So I
turned off -J for the m68k CDs a long time ago, in slink IIRC.

Steve McIntyre, Plasmon                      smcintyre@software.plasmon.com
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