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Re: Joliet support for s390 CDs

On Sun 10 Nov, Gerhard Tonn wrote:
> Hi,
> a customer of Debian for S/390 would like to browse through the s390 docu on
> Windows. Does anybody know how to add Joliet support?

Joliet support is something that is done at the time of creation of the CD
image. If you already have some CDs and they were not made including joliet
support then this cannot be retrofitted. You probably can make Windows read
'rockridge' CDs which is what the CDs will use to support long filenames,
lower case and permissions.

If you want to make some new s390 CDs with Joliet support then you need to
add the -J option to mkisofs when the CD is made. This means setting the
MSISOFS variable in /etc/CONF.sh from the debian-cd package.

To the CD-team more generally: Looking at the scripts I see that i386 and
alpha CDs add -J automatically, but not the other arches. Is there a good
reason why we don't make them with -J anyway for exactly this reason (easy
to browse on a handy windows box before the install?). I suppose it uses up
some space on the CD, but presumably not actually very much? I make my ARM
CDs with -J and no-one has complained...

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