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I am looking for linux server


I am looking Linux Server Software.

If you have linux OS server system like following :

Please let me know the price I am in Hong Kong. (include air-post
charge )

The Linux is server and can install from x486 CPU with 8Mb 300Mb spase
disk to Pentium 4 - 2.6G CUP. (OS)

Text mode only about 250Mb.

Sorry! I can not download from website (because I am using 56k modem)


Automatic updates with swup.

Encrypted mail transfer with Postfix-TLS.

PPP support.

PPP over Ethernet support. Commonly used in xDSL enviromnents.

RPM support for v4 packages.

Netatalk supports Macintosh file and printer sharing.

IPSec functionality provided by FreeS/WAN.

Shell for system revocery (sash).

User friendly Mail reading provided by Mutt.

Printer services provided by LPRng.

WWW and WAP services provided by Apache.

DHCP server and client.

FTP services provided by PROFtpd and ftpd-BSD.

Gnu Privacy Guard to encrypt and sign your files and emails.

GCC 2.95.3.

IMAP/POP with SSL support.

Ipchains firewall support.

IP virtual server support.

LILO with LBA support.

Lynx with SSL.

PHP 4 support for dynamic web/wap pages.

Kernel 2.2.19 with improvements.

Kernel NFS daemon support.

Open LDAP.

Open SSH for secure login.

Open SSL.

PAM authentication.

PostgreSQL 7 database support.

MySQ L database support.

Procmail mail filtering.

Software and hardware RAID support.

rsync for keeping directories in sync.

Samba windows file/print support.

Squid web/ftp cache.

Stunnel SSL tunneling of other services.

Pump. Get IP address dynamically, typically needed in xDSL

Netcat, the TCP/IP swiss army knife.

Wget can be used to get files with FTP and HTTP.

NTP client/server support with xntpd.

NIS/YP client/server support.

BSD accounting.

Best Regard


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