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Re: cvs commit to debian-cd by hertzog


> Duh. I wonder what's wrong. Can you give me some more information ? At
> what moment does it fail ? How ? Is there a message or something ? Do
> you have the isolinux prompt or not ?
I quickly did the images and booted them with VMWare.
For the first image it did not boot (could not find the image, don't
remember the name exactly :-O), the fourth booted but I couldn't get
further than the debian-installer text-menu (detect CD, set up d-i,

> Does it work with the old isolinux.bin of woody ? I really wonder what
> I've done wrong...
Don't know, and until monday I will have no chance to get to that

> I also added the "-l" switch to the mkisofs call. Does it work without
> that switch ?
I will try.

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