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Re: Jigdo Development

Hi Paul,

thanks for your offer to help with jigdo development!

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 11:55:35PM -0400, Paul Damer wrote:
> I was curious if there is any active development happening on jigdo. 
> I just started using it today to get woody on cd and I would like to
> get involved.

Right now I'm not able to spend any significant amount of time on
jigdo development, due to the deadline for my thesis drawing ever
closer... ;-/ I hope I'll be able to pick up development again in the
new year.

I agree with all the comments you have about jigdo:

> Jigdo is a really cool but I think it could be better. I would like
> to make the gui functional

FWIW, the GUI can already download single files (but the data is not
saved, just thrown away). It took me quite a while to get libwww to
work under Windows.

> and include features like threaded scaling downloads from separate
> mirrors. This could really speed up downloading in a situation where
> the clients bandwidth is not the limiting factor.

Definitely. One thing I'd rather *not* implement is several concurrent
downloads from the same mirror. Some mirror admins have rather strong
sentiments about software which does that. :)

> Also it would be cool to intelligently choose mirrors based on a
> metric like ping time or current throughput.

I intend to use netselect by Avery Pennarun for this. Originally,
netselect was Linux-only, but Derek Brown volunteered to port it to
Windows and has apparently succeeded in doing so (many thanks!).

Furthermore, I've been wondering whether it wouldn't be reasonable to
continue development of the GUI with GTK 2.0 instead of 1.2.

Any help with jigdo development is most welcome! I just hope you're
fluent in C++ which is what it's written in...



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