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Re: Debian-CD mirror on LEO


Attila Nagy wrote on Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 01:12:47PM +0200:
> > (Our host system is FreeBSD, so maybe I need to put some porting work
> > into jigdo).
> No, you won't, jigdo runs perfectly on -STABLE. At least for me.
Ok, thanks. I've got it compiled.

Well according to the documentation, I will need the corresponding
.jigdo/.template files to create the images. I am aware of the collection
on like: 

http://non-us.cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/ and

but I am wondering, what would be like a master site, where I could
mirror these files from, preferrably with rsync?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
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