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Re: Where can I find a list of jidgdo-based mirrors of the Debian-CDs

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 10:46:50AM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
> I have been trying nou for nearly an hour to find a list of reliable
> jigdo-based mirrors with rsync facilities in order to build Debian 3.0
> CD's. I do find your website (http://cdimage.debian.org/) very
> difficult to use in this case. It is easy to find a list of http/ftp
> based sites, but where is the list of jigdo sites?

(You don't need "rsync facilities" for jigdo.)

At the moment, I only know of two places to get the files. Apart from
us.cdimage, they're also at

*However*, some us.cdimage URLs are hardwired in the .jigdo files. You
have to download the .template and .jigdo files yourself and then give
the .jigdo filename as input to jigdo-lite. If it cannot pick up the
.template from the local dir, it'll try to download it from

All this info should also appear on the website at the next update

This situation isn't ideal. The plan is to eventually make *all*
regular FTP mirrors also mirror the jigdo files - yet another "list of
XYZ mirrors" on www/CD/ is one too many IMHO.



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