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Re: jigdo-lite for Windows


> well, at long last I've pulled myself together and created a version
> of jigdo-lite for Windows.

This sounds just like what was needed for windows guys to download our

> .jigdo files, so _PLEASE_ test it and tell me whether it works:

Well, I could not test official woody jigdos as they seem to be restricted
at this time, but I have just run tests on cd 1 from
cdimage-unofficial.debian.net aka cdimage.trasno.net and it went smooth,
everything worked ok. This cds as you know have relative path for the
templates and also fallback servers, both this two features worked ok here.

So, I was wondering if now that we are having this tool for the windowsers
and that jigdo-easy is said to not be able to download offical images...
will this ones have relative paths for a better mirroring scheme?

Well, that's all I have tested right now, Richard, if you feel something
else needs to be tested just tell me.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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