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Successfull testing Debian install using bochs 1.4.1

The last two days, I've been testing our Debian/Woody-based install
CDs using bochs v1.4.1.  This version is the first version capable of
booting the isolinux multiboot CD, and to complete the installation.

It is slow, but for me without a proper test machine, it is better
then nothing. :-)

/proc/cpuinfo reports a Pentium 60/66 1.000 MHz with the f00f_bug.
There is no PCI-devices, but some ISA IDE-controler and apparently a
network card.  I haven't tried the network card yet.

The 'Alt'-key do not work yet. So it is impossible to change virtual
console.  This is a pain when trying to debug.  I've also been unable
to get the curses version working, so I am using bochs-x.

Anyway.  If you need to test the Debian install system, or check if
the CD works, check out bochs in unstable.  I used 'apt-get install -t
unstable bochs-x' to get it. :-)

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