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Yet Another concern on disk #1

To Whom It May Concern.

As suggested in "/CD/faq/", I believe that this concern belongs
to "debian-cd" instead of "debian-user".

Last week I created 7 ISO images (PRE 14.2) by using jigdo; and put them 
into our intranet server, http://kambing.vLSM.org/debian-cd/3.0_pre14.2/
Then, I announced that availability to a local list.

I received some feedback which basically concerning the content
of CDROM #1 (NONUS). Therefore, is it possible to reconsider
the content of that CDROM? Perhaps the content of Libranet should 
be taken for consideration.

For example, I prefer to have packages like gpm, xfree3,
linuxdoc-tools as well as sgml related tools in CDROM #1.
Another one, was questioning on why to put the civilization game 
into CDROM #1. One was asked about "CD 1 contains the installation 
system and the most popular packages." (from the FAQ).


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