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Re: Custom cd's

On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 11:20:21AM -0400, Ed Street wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone know of any methods where I could customize a
> debian cd set with just the packages I want and scaled down so it would
> fit on a mini and/or business card/credit card cd.  To give you some
> idea the size requirments

Hi Ed- if you use the debian-cd scripts to build CDs, you basically just
give it a list of packages at one stage during the process and specify a
size limit for the ISO.

> Full cd = 650 megs
> Mini cd = 180 megs
> biz card cd = 51 megs
> Credit card cd = 52 megs

The woody-mini-i386-1.raw file I make with a cut-down packages list is
161Mb. I'm not sure what you'd do to get it down to 50. Go axe-happy on the
package list though I guess :}

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