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debian.orst.edu ...


Oregon State University currently maintains debian.orst.edu which houses
both the current releases as well as the ISO images.  Our provider of
updates (kernel.org) has been having serious problems with their mirror
server and we've been getting rather sporadic updates because of this.

Can you recommend a place to get updates for both the ISO's as well as
the standard releases?  We'd love to have rsync access (obviously).

debian.orst.edu is currently rate limited at 26Mbit/s but will be
increasing that to well over 100Mbit/s this Summer.  As a long-time user
of Debian I just want to do my part for the cause but at the same time I
want to provide the best service that I can.  To see the latest stats on
this machine check out:


Any help you can offer would be much appreciated,

Scott Kveton
Network Engineering
Oregon State University

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