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upgrading potato to woody with 3.0pre6 CDs

Dear All,

I've tried to upgrade a Potato system to Woody using the 3.0pre6
version of Debian CDs, but it failed miserably.  Here is what I've

I commented out all lines in /etc/apt/sources.list, then ran
'apt-cdrom add' for the first four disks in the set.  Then did
    apt-get update
and tried to 
    apt-get install dpkg apt debconf
The program asked for the Binary-1 CD, then it was '[Working] ##%' for
a while, and after getting to some 50% it displayed:

  E: Internal Error, Could not configure a pre-depend

and stopped.  Running 'apt-get dist-upgrade' gives the same result.
Versions of packages on my system: dpkg 1.6.14, apt 0.3.19, debconf  Linux 2.2.17.

I tried the same procedure on a second potato box with the result:

  E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration

How to cope with this situation?
Is it possible to get more info on what actually went wrong?

Is this a bug in apt/dpkg or in package descriptions on the CDs (or
both) (or am I doing sth wrong?)?

Best regards,

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