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Problems with 2.2r6 snapshot on cdimage

I've now added a correct [Servers] section to the jigdo files in
cdimage:~atterer/jigdo/ (better late than never!), so the
documentation updates can be fetched from the snapshot.

HOWEVER, it turns out that analog_5.22-0potato3_i386.deb has
disappeared from the servers, and unfortunately also from the
snapshot. How on earth could it disappear from the snapshot?

For a start, the snapshot does not include pool/, but the 2.2r6 jigdo
files use pool filenames - Phil, do I remember correctly that you've
fixed that particular problem, so it won't occur in the future?

I've just manually extracted the deb from the iso images - Phil, to
allow people to finish their 2.2r6 downloads, could you please do the
following quick'n'dirty fix on open:

mkdir -p /home/ftp/debian-2.2r6-snapshot/pool/main/a/analog
cp ~atterer/analog_5.22-0potato3_i386.deb /home/ftp/debian-2.2r6-snapshot/pool/main/a/analog



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