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I am having a problem wrapping up the download of the CD image (i386 architecture, with non-US, #1 on the list).  I have run the runme.bat file, and seem to have successfully downloaded all but 3 files.  When I rerun the runme.bat, I see a message "found 0 of 3 files".  It then proceeds to download 3 files successfully.  Immediately after the final file I see a "finished" message that displays briefly, then I get the "Oops, not all files could be downloaded .." message.  The temporary directory that is created during the downloaded is deleted. 
I have tried changing to different mirror sites.  I originally set up pointing to a debian.org site for the primary site and a umass.edu site for the non-us stuff.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Doug Dearden  doug.dearden@bankofsf.com
AVP - Information Systems Manager
The Bank of Santa Fe
MAC Q2422-011
Phone (505)984-0587
Fax (505)984-0597

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