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Re: cvs commit of custom isolinux

> I would appreciate any details about ISOLINUX 1.72 or later failing 
> where 1.67 succeeds.  This is critically important, for obvious reasons.

Well, I don't have any, I just chose 1.67 following a conservative politic,
after all at 1.70 you had made "Major code restructuring" so I didn't know
how stable would 1.72 be. Besides, in the distro we are still at 1.66
version, I would have used this one but as 1.67 had a bugfix I chose that

If you think that 1.72 works better than 1.67 let me know and if the other
agree we'll change it.

> 1.70 and .71 had serious, known, problems.

That's why I didn't want to go for 1.72, maybe some unknown problems were
still around, so I went conservative, that's all.

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