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Re: cvs commit of custom isolinux

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:

The custom isolinux that I have commited now into debian-cd is version 1.67
of isolinux (which should be the most stable one) with a change so that it
outputs a message explaining the user that he can boot of cds 2-5 if
something fails.

The output of isolinux when booting correctly looks like this now:

-- Debian Installation CD --
In case of problems, try booting one of the other CDs (2 to 5).
Read the installation manual for more details.

ISOLINUX 1.67/debian-cd 2002-05-14  Copyright (C) 1994-2001 H. Peter Anvin

Hope this is fine with everyone, if anybody is against this or wants to
change something on the text, just comment it.


I would appreciate any details about ISOLINUX 1.72 or later failing where 1.67 succeeds. This is critically important, for obvious reasons.

1.70 and .71 had serious, known, problems.


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