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Re: isolinux failure [help, how to debug?]

> I saw an earlier message on here which implied you can build ISOLINUX with
> more debugging information. How do I do that? rebuild the syslinux package?

I suppose it was mine, grabble the sources for syslinux and get
isolinux-debug.bin which is included there, unfortunately it is not on the
binary package of syslinux, then you have to modify debian-cd to use this
one instead of isolinux.bin and build the cds :-)

Alternatively I could try to make one of those cds for you and make them
available for you to download, you tell me!

What I'm thinking right now is... is ISOLINUX really mature to be included
in our first cd?

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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