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Re: Beginners questions...

On Mon 22 Apr, Alexander Schinner wrote:
> Hi,
> for a special project, I whould like to build my own, modified version of the 
> Debian boot CD's. The changes I have to make are:
> - Using a customized/patched kernel 

install kernel-package and see man make-kpgk

> - remove some questions from the installation procedure (there are fixed 
> values)

You need to mess with the boot-floppies package for this. I'm not sure how
much work is needed to nobble the necessary questions. The boot-floppies
mailing list is the place to ask about this if looking at the code doesn't
make it obvious.

> - add some self-build packages

This is the preserve of debian-cd
I'm a bit out of date on recent changes but you add a debian/local hierarchy
with your new packages in and set the LOCAL=1 variable in

You can get boot-floppies to use these packages over the normal ones too when
you rebuild it.

> Can you point me to some documents, where I can learn more about this 
> subject? Where should I start?

read the docs for the above packages and you will at least be able to ask
intelligent questions either here or on boot-floppies, as appropriate.

It's fair to say that there is no 'Making customised Debian-CD's HOWTO'
SFAIK. If you wrote one for woody it would no doubt be appreciated.

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