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Re: Please test this woody cd image

Le Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 05:02:49PM -0700, Chris Tillman écrivait:
> > Also it would be fine if we could give some guidance about how to make that 
> > choice - type of system, connected hardware, age? I guess the differences
> > are already covered for vanilla/compact/idepci, but how about bf2.4? Which
> > hardware is 'highly recommended' to go with 2.4; new within the last 
> > year or two, or ???

Well, bf24 is to be used by people who want a 2.4.x kernel. It should
be used if you have recent hardware with USB keyboard for example.

> +On newer hardware, allows a selection of kernel images to boot from. On
> +older hardware, it will boot the `idepci' flavor kernel.

That's wrong. It won't boot "idepci" on older hardware. Either the menu
works and it will boot, or it won't boot at all. In which case they
should boot on one of the other CDs available.

> +If you are using CD #1, and your hardware supports it, a <tt>boot:</tt> prompt
> +will be displayed. Press <tt>F3</tt> to see the list of kernel options
> +available from which to boot. Just type your chosen flavor name
> +(idepci, vanilla, compact, bf24) at the <tt>boot:</tt> prompt followed by
> +return. 


If they don't select anything at the prompt, and just press enter,
it will boot idepci by default.

> If your hardware doesn't support booting of multiple images, 
> +CD #1 will boot the idepci flavor.


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