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Re: 2.2_r6 jigdo files cdimage.d.o

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 01:05:38PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
[compiling jigdo-file]
> The version is:
>   VisualAge C++ Professional / C for AIX Compiler, Version 5
> And that is a new compiler, not a very old one. I know of a few
> sites that run much older ones.

Sorry that jigdo is causing so much trouble.

> checking whether the C++ compiler is recent enough... no
>    * Your compiler failed to recognize some advanced C++
>    * constructs. This means that it is probably too old.
>    * In case compilation fails, try upgrading to a newer
>    * compiler, e.g. GCC 2.95 or later.

The C++ of the configure test is very hairy, jigdo doesn't actually
use template specialization, so this warning might be bogus. I should
probably change the configure test.

> It then procedes to fail to find db_create in -ldb[lots of versions]
> despite that being installed. --without-libdb gives a failure later on at:
> checking whether dgettext works... no
>    * Make sure gettext is installed, or use
>    * --disable-nls to switch off gettext support.
> configure: error: dgettext() call could not be linked.
> With g++ (and a bunch of hacking), it compiles but fails to link.

It seems you have a linker problem both with the native compiler and
g++. The libdb and gettext tests all call the linker. Once that is
resolved, ./configure --without-gui (maybe also --disable-nls) should

> Also some "interesting" features turns up, like:
> checking size of unsigned long... 0
> checking size of unsigned long long... 0

I've seen this myself on a Solaris machine with gcc - still need to
get around to check what's causing it.

> I haven't had time to take a better look at it yet, or turn the
> software over to someone else around here. It is still painful,
> especially compared to jigdo-port which compiled cleanly and without
> problems.

I'm very interested in getting it to compile cleanly on your machine.
I guess it's not possible for me to get an account on your uni's
machine so I can fix it myself?

[jigdo mirror script]
> It isn't for the images, it is for having all the other files and
> directories looking exactly like the master site, a true mirror.

Ah OK, I see.


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