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Re: 2.2_r6 jigdo files cdimage.d.o

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 01:04:56PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> (Yes, jigdo-port is the only one that compiles on AIX for us. C++
> isn't exactly portable. :/)

Oh - but the file format has changed, and the latest jigdo files are
no longer readable by jigdo-port! :-( I *really* want to avoid having
to update two different programs whenever I make a change, so I have
no plans to fix jigdo-port.

[Standard rant: C++ *is* portable, and the standard has been out for 3
years - it's about time everybody caught up with it! Maybe gcc is
boot-strappable on AIX... But I realize that would be quite a lot of
work just to compile jigdo-file. :-( ]

> The important part is that the result looks exactly like the one on
> the master site so I can do an inexpensive rsync to get "everything"
> right.

Should be possible. However, the template files include an md5sum of
the images, which is checked by jigdo; if jigdo says that the file has
been regenerated OK, it *is* OK and no extra rsync run is necessary.

OTOH, it might make sense to fall back to rsync if not all of the
parts in an image could be retrieved. I could add that to the script.



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