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Re: 2.2_r6 jigdo files cdimage.d.o

On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, Richard Atterer wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 10:37:27PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> > Hmm.. This might be a very good idea if someone would write the
> > jigdo-mirror script (or point me towards it if it is already done).
> It doesn't exist yet, but I'm willing to write it (later this week).
> Basically, what I'm thinking of is a script that can be run
> immediately after the rsyncs that update the FTP archive and the jigdo
> dir with all its contents.
> jigdo-mirror would walk through the jigdo dir, look for files like
> $jigdoDir/foo/bar/image.jigdo, and check whether any of those files is
> newer than the corresponding $imageDir/foo/bar/image.iso. If yes (the
> jigdo file was updated), it will (re)generate the image, using only
> the files on the local mirror.
> It will never try to download any missing files, instead it'll just
> abort and wait to be re-run after the next archive update. Hm,
> there'll also have to be an extra run over $imageDir to detect and
> delete any images whose jigdo files were removed.
> Is this what you want?

If that would work, sure. If you have the time to write it.

Otherwise a simple script that just makes all the images given a couple of
directories ($jigdoDir, $imageDir and $archiveDir are the ones I can
think of right now) would do fine. This should be trivial, but I haven't
figured out how the arguments to jigdo-port works yet. (Yes, jigdo-port is
the only one that compiles on AIX for us. C++ isn't exactly portable. :/)

I'm currently updating the cd-image mirror by hand anyway.

The important part is that the result looks exactly like the one on the
master site so I can do an inexpensive rsync to get "everything" right.
Hmm.. That brings another problem, the filesystem metadata has to look
exactly right for that to work, otherwise rsync will assume that it has
change and make the server calculate checksums. That could be solved with
--size-only to rsync though, we just have to remember it.

> > For extra fun ftp.se.debian.org == ftp.gnome.org and the gnome
> > desktop 2.0 release is currently scheduled for May 1st. :)
> LOL, hopefully your server won't go up in smoke...

We are working on finding a temporary home for it on borrowed hardware.
That is also why I'm pointing out rsync-debcd.acc.umu.se now, the main ftp
server might be very busy even with much bigger hardware than we currently

/Mattias Wadenstein

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