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50Mb business-card size install iso url

"   Unfortunately, at the moment there are only unofficial images made by
     * people.debian.org/~ieure/netinst (mirror)
     * markybobdeb.sourceforge.net/elf

   You can also try searching for "netinst" or "iso" on Debian Planet. If
   know about additional images, please tell us."
in short: http://www.lnx-bbc.org

how and why:
i was surfing the net testing my squid caching performance
i'm not a debian fan, i have not ever played with it, i use slackware
so i typed www.debian.org because i was sure that page was never in my cache
and there i have read your request for additional images
this is a kind of rescue iso image with the ability of installing debian
linux, read more on their page

and speaking of linux business-card size iso images, i personally prefer
this another one,
which is derived from the first, but wich i like more:

both are pretty old (August 2001)

have fun,
Costin Gusa

"UNIX users love UNIX, Linux users hate Microsoft" - I don't remember who
said that, but it's true

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