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Re: Silly questions

On Wed 03 Apr, ja22 wrote:
> Sorry if I am being stupid and wasting your time.
> 1. What is Debian's USP? *

several things:
1) Marvellous package-upgrade system so once it's installed it's extrememly
easy to install security upgrades or just upgrade generally

2) Not dependent on any one company or country

3) Support for lots of different CPUs (but you probably have a PC and don't
care about that)

4) Support for lots of languages (but you probably speak english and don't
care much about that)

5) Biggest collection of software of any distribution (8 CDs-worth now)

6) Openness of development - the whole process is exposed to the world so you
can see how it works and join in if you like

> 2. Can I try it out without screwing up my Win98SE?

I believe so, but I don't really know much about it. Try the install
documentation for info on how to install it so it dual-boots. Section 4.7 on
this page is relevant:

There are various ways of doing this, like installing debian on a second HD
if you have one, partitioning a new drive and installing both windows and
Debian on it, or the above info on installing onto an existing drive (the
hardest way). There are also CD-based versions which you can try by just
booting straight off the CD without installing anything, but I don't havea
link for that - sorry.

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