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RE: Re: 2.2r5 download with jigdo failed

Hi again Richard et al,

Regarding my previous post, it seems I may be doing something wrong 
here.. I run jigdo (the windows runme.bat though). Since the jigdo menu 
file hasn't been updated yet, I specify the url of the potato 2.2r6 
jigdo file: 
1_NONUS.jigdo. Jigdo will download and process it and ask me for the 
local "old" files. I supply it with c:\debian, where I have extracted 
(WinISO) the 2.2r5 image. 

It then fetches the template file and processes it. And THERE I get 
blocked. There seems to be an error in the template file 'cause I'm 
getting over and over the following error message:

12:04:11 (53.09 KB/s) - `binary-i386-1.template' saved [5093545/5093545]

jigdo-file make-image: Invalid template data - corrupted file?
jigdo-file failed with code 3 - aborting.

ALternatively, if I follow the 2.2r5 standard menu, download starts 
without a problem.

Am I missing something here? 

Thanks again for your assistance...

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