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Re: Multiboot testing please ...

On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:

> On Apr 07, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > Anyway, I burned a CD and tested it, and it seems to work OK.  I'll
> > post a URL for downloading it for testing as soon as it gets done
> > rsyncing.
> >
> > Note that this will be a 185MB 5cm/3in CD image.  It contains all of
> > the base system and standard, so you can treat it as a normal CD #1;
> > just make sure you have a network connection to install anything other
> > than the 229 packages that are on it when you set up APT.
> Here's the URL:
> http://relativity.phy.olemiss.edu/~cnlawren/woody-i386-1.raw
> Please don't kill the server :-)  Seriously, it'll be up for a few
> days, but I'll have to rm it Tuesday so it doesn't end up on a backup
> tape...

For not killing the server, I'm putting up a mirror that will stay around
for "a while", that is until we get very low on diskspace. Tell me if you
think it is important that it stays up.


Currently downloading, 194,281,472 should be the final size if my wget
doesn't lie.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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