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Re: 2.2r5 download with jigdo failed

¡Hola Javier!

On Sun, Apr 07, 2002 at 04:50:15AM +0000, idd02z46 wrote:
> Hi, I jave donwloaded and installed today jigdo 0.6.3 for windows
> and jigdp-lite2win. I am using Win98.
> I have tried to download potato but I keep getting the (in) famous
> "Aaargh - not all files could be downloaded. This should not happen! 
> Depending on the problem, it may help to restart the download."
> I have tried with +10 servers in different countries, both with FTP
> and HTTP.
> I have noticed some files giver "File not found" errors while others
> are downloaded over and over (eg: policy.pdf.gz).
> 83 files are still missing.

The reason for your problem is the following situation: Debian potato
2.2r6 was released a few days ago, but the jigdo files are still for
2.2r5. However, the moment 2.2r6 was released, old 2.2r5 packages were
deleted from the servers, and other files (e.g. policy.pdf.gz) were
updated with newer versions. Consequently, 2.2r5 can no longer be
downloaded with jigdo.

However, there are now 2.2r6 jigdo files available at
<http://cdimage.debian.org/cd-images/jigdo/2.2_rev6/>. (Oops, I still
need to update the website...)

> Can I rename "debian-22rev5-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso.tmp" to "debian-
> 22rev5-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso" and burn the cd? Would that work?

You could rename and burn it, and the resulting CD would be readable. 
However, any files that could not be downloaded, despite being present
on the disc, would only contain zero bytes. Depending on exactly what
is missing, the installation might still work, but then again it might

> I could use rsync once potato is up and running...

Note that rsync *is* available for Windows. I think there's a Windows
binary in the old pseudo image kit package for Windows, which is
hopefully still available from

*However*, it is possible that the old 2.2r5 CD images have already
been deleted from the CD mirrors, so there might be nothing for you to
rsync against. In that case I'm afraid you will have to retry with the
2.2r6 jigdo files.



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